Nothing Is Working

@grazer Flowlab wouldn’t let me work on my project and it would break every time I try to play my game it! It was made today and it has 2 sprites? I have no idea why it doesn’t work! Game link to try

This happens every time for me

Hey @KaptainChris - your game is not working the way you expect because you have created an infinite loop in your logic.

You have a tree, which spawns a tree when the game starts. That new tree will also spawn a tree. That new tree will then also spawn a tree, and so on, and so on…

This means that your game will have to spawn an infinite number of trees every frame, which means if you want to see it run, you’ll need to wait a very long time indeed.


Oh, thank you! sorry if this question was kind of dumb, I just have never experienced that before! Thanks for answering though and I will fix it!