Notice: flag abuse

I’ve been noticing flag reports already, which is mostly people playing around with them. The flag :triangular_flag_on_post: is used to report vote users to staff attention, when you think they deserve to be banned. Do not play with them.

THIS MEANS YOU @GrimProductionZ
We already have a total of 10 flagged people for reasons that aren’t worth a ban. We do see them, and grazer does see every @ mention you do. Relax.

To make an example,
@GrimProductionZ flagged JR 01 as a joke, so I had to vote to either ban JR 01 or disagree with the flag. Obviously I disagreed, so the flag was reversed to GrimProductionZ as Flag Misuse.

@ManiacPumpkin flagged himself as a spammer, for some reason, and now he can’t log in, and grazer needs to figure out why.

Don’t mess around with the flags.

Continued abuse of flags or spamming will lower your trust level, until you have a restricted account (aka temporary timeout)


Oh, yeah that’s serious.
I wish that the subtitle that shows up when you hover over the flag said “Report” instead of “privately flag or send private notification”, because I almost flagged one of my discussions thinking that this would do good. Thank goodness I came across this post warning not to do that.
Also, if you do end up flagging someone or a post, is it possible to unflag it?


I see what you mean and it could get confusing, but we also have a Book-mark and a Bell we can set up for the posts to save and notify ourselves on specific discussions. So remember that:

Flags = Bad


Yeah, that’s a good point.

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I do not believe there is a way to unflag once you have flagged, since similar to flagging a video on YouTube, you are essentially reporting the video as inappropriate to be taken down, and ban the user, it is a similar situation on the Forum, you are flagging a post to be taken down and banned.


I can’t even find where the flag button is lol

No one tell me, it’s probably better if I don’t know. Not that I would, but just in case.

EDIT: nvm, accidentally found it…

Well, I was testing out how the flag actually worked, I didn’t think that one single flag would get someone banned, but I can still sign in. It just won’t let me switch emails.

Glad to see you can sign in, and yes, a single flag can get someone banned, if the staff agrees. Of course, we probably won’t, since it’s usually just grazer and sometimes myself if I’m online. Nobody wants to ban any users unless the community really wants someone gone, for spamming or harassment, then majority rules and it’s a fair vote. Within reason, apologies are accepted. Flags still shouldn’t be abused.