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Hello, I have wanted to be a Game Developer for around 2-3 years now, since I play on my school computer they allow me to download nothing, I am in a poor family and I can not afford a new computer, since it is my birthday very soon and I am at the age I can get a job I am going to save real hard for a new computer and continue my Game Developing career on Unity. I have a University in my mind that I want to attend in the future and right now at school I am studying programming. Since I was unable to download any software on my computer I stumbled across flowlab! It is excellent for a first time game maker, I have slapped together a decent game within 1-2 weeks, I did not rush this game although I wanted to learn about it, how to make movement on it, how to make collisions and I have really enjoyed my experience here.

My company name is Nova Productions and all of my games have Nova in them, this is my first game, Nova Platforms… I have 2 more games that I am going to spend a few months on each and then when my birthday hits hopefully they are finished and perfect ready for release onto the app store, these games are going to be called Nova Quest and Nova Battlers (more information on these games when I actually start the development of them)

So thanks for reading all this and I bet your eyes and brain hurt! Although lets move onto the actual game

This is just a basic platformer / runner game where you have to avoid objects and collect coins / kill enemies, there is a tutorial at the start in case you are unsure of what to do!

Click this link to play the game!
Don’t be scared to comment down below some improvements I can make to the game or some bugs / glitches that are currently there

New updates going to be released on this game once a week so stay tuned, this will include… New enemies / items / Improvements / Features / Bug / Glitch fixes, etc


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1: it’s amazing you go through all that just for a career. That’s pure determination.
2: I don’t have a flash supporting device around at the moment, but I will play the game.

Yes, i’ve been very keen on being a Game Developer for a few years now, and my love for developing games is just growing by the day, also I have made a start to my next game called Nova Battles, this game i’m spending a lot of time on and it’s looking great already!

I have a 2 player fighting game… you could probably use it for things you need to know, like shooting, jumping, ect.

I made a bundle called character movement, it contains all the general behaviors the characters need

Ok, thanks dude! I’ll have a look, you’re really helpful and awesome! Also I believe Starblast 2 and Honeybee Frenzy are your games, if so I have downloaded them and love playing them! You should really make more games for the app store!

Update: I checked this game out and I can’t seem to find anything in the behaviors of the players, is there a certain spot I must move to? Thanks

There’s a bundle in there, sometimes it moves to the far right, if you can’t find it, reload

Ps: thank you. I’ve always wanted to create something mainly for people who want to enjoy a game without the annoying advertisements, in-app purchases, and pay-to-win concepts, all for free. Think about it, if you hate ads, why make other people suffer them in your apps? Sure for money making purposes, but aren’t games for entertainment?

There are three sides to game developing, 1. Entertainment, they only make games simply for entertainment (people like you) 2. Money Makers, they make games only for the money, expensive in-game purchases, app has to be bought to play, advertisements, etc, etc 3. Entertainment and Money Makers, these people are the ones that spend a lot of time in their games, making sure that graphics are good, animations, programming etc, although they don’t want all their hard work go to waste, so they add the advertisements and the pay 0.99c to get them removed and all that, and maybe… “Special sale this weekend 30% of all in-app purchases” also, making games for people is about getting something in return, some people it is getting happiness from their customers, some is making a heck of money, others it is about making sure the audience are getting their happiness as well as the company making some profit (I am this type of person, the happiness and profit and also the #3)

(I ended up finding it and also, I have no clue on how to make the hammer and the fireballs, your lines are connected everywhere if you could explain it more clearly on what I need as objects and what I need to do in the behaviours ill understand it more, thanks)

This is a great start - I like that you spent the time to make a tutorial that explains the game, and it’s clear that you have focused on making the game smooth and playable. I have two suggestions:

  1. Maybe consider disabling the “solid” checkbox on the coins so that they don’t affect your movement when you touch them.
  2. It would be nice to have checkpoints or something so you don’t have to restart back at the beginning if you miss a tricky jump.

Ok, I will definitely fix the coins and also the checkpoints im still unsure about, ive made 2 post about them and I just can’t seem to understand them

I fixed the coins! Next on my list is checkpoints, been wanting to add them for a while although can’t understand any information given by others to help me make them

heres a step-by-step way.

Take 2 numbers, 2 extractors, a position, and a collision.

Step 1- set your collision to the object that’s acting as a checkpoint, then connect it to the extractors
Step 2- take a look of the coordinates of the player object, set the 2 numbers to match the numbers (x/y)
Step 3- make sure the starting position of the character on each level is identical.
Step 4- set one extractor to x, and the other to y.
Step 5- connect the the x extractor to the SET of the number holding the characters X
do the same to the Y
Step 6- connect the output of the 2 numbers into the x/y of the position (again, pay attention to the x/y numbers)
Step 7- connect a collision with whatever kills the player to the IN of the number.

Ok thanks, after working on my next project for a bit i’ll try do this

I really like the tutorial, and it’s fun while not too difficult.
Suggestion- maybe next time add more mechanics to it? Trampolines, item/coin boxes, secret passages… stuff like that could really help polish up the game.