NPCs seem to not be affected by gravity

so im trying to make the NPCs run away from the player, but when they run off a platform, it seems that their gravity is really low for some reason, but the player’s gravity is normal. So why is this happening? is it something to do with velocity?

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The enemy movement example is weird but I figured out that if you just turn it off when they’re falling they have normal gravity

what do you mean by that, should i just turn off their movement when they are touching the ground? (like ex. the switch turns off if i have a raycast that isn’t detecting anything under it?)

this doesn’t work @Pixel_Name1

It seemed to work on my end…

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Care to record what is happening on your end? @BradenS

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yeah, here you go (also, one of the npcs gets stuck for some reason)

Ducky’s fox’s walking bundle’s work you can use those if you want.

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alr, i’ll check it out, i just have to change it so that they run away instead of attack

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oh man it’s spaghetti code XD

well ok, i got the walking and falling code down, but now they seem to be stuck jumping over blocks.

here's the code

the timer is repeating forever and the delay is 1, the raycast is set to ground, and the length is 32, and the npc is just supposed to jump when it runs into a block, but it’s not working for some reason :cry:

guys, i really need some help here, i’ve changed so many things and they still won’t ing jump

please anyone

…should i start pinging people

Try using this example Flowlab Game Creator - Enemy Movement Example

now they just stand in place until i push them


@BradenS maybe make a game where you survive against the defauts