NPCs Shooting at Your Player

I’m trying to set this up so that I can have my NPCs shoot at the player correctly. Right now the NPC is programed to constantly flip the direction it faces, but I want it to face the player, no matter where they are when the player enters the NPCs proximity. I also at the same time want it to shoot in the direction the NPC is facing (it shoots right now but only to the right). Could someone take a look and help? Here’s the link

The NPC I want to this to apply to is titled “Eliksni”, not “Eliksni Bot”
If someone could give me some directions or ideas or has a solution to this, I’d appreciate it


I don’t know what you mean. I tried using that just now and it didn’t make a difference

take a look at this game go onto zombie 1 or 2 I forget, but it always chases the player

Figured it out. Thanks though. Used the extractor method