null spam bot?

I keep getting tons of notification from a null user with no IP address and a broken link profile. Anyone else having this issue? Idk what to do about it, since I can’t click their name or even find them in the users. Maybe grazer has an idea since he’s the admin. They look like this. 1596102603157

Oh … i thought its my crappy internet when i got those.
In a way glad to hear that for a change that’s not the case.

Nah it’s definitely not that, because I tried on Wi-Fi on my laptop and it’s the same

Reminds me, I only noticed it using Chrome, by what I remember I never saw it on Firefox. Something in the Chrome system?

I think a friend had that problem when his pc was hacked or infected, can’t remember the details. His ip got blocked on most forums.

uh oh

Was probably hijacked. Then they use your pc as VPN gate to run their torrents or whatever. They stay safe and your IP ends up on a blacklist… if not worse …
knock on the door

You guys think it’s just a user with a Trojan or something, or do you think they’re just hacked in the forums, and the person that hacked them is editing their stuff and blocking users? A few people said they’ve been getting notifications but not being able to see them or click links. Since I’m a mod, I can see all users and bots, but I still can’t click them. Definitely gonna see if grazer knows anything. I don’t even know how someone would block other users in the first place without probably hacking.

@“Mhx Ar” Looking at the messages, I think that is @meburningslime - maybe he deleted his forum account and created a new one or something? Not sure why his username is “null”, probably the forum itself just freaking out a little bit.

What?!?! Thats definitely me, but I know hacking. I know how it works. Anybody that tried to trojan my computer would be sorry! Why is this happening

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 1.28.09 PM

@grazer ?

Well whoever you are, your account isn’t loading for most of us. Might want to change your profile picture or password or something.

@“Mhx Ar” I just found out why. My neighbor is a forum user and has hacked me. I just need to find out who…
Whoever lives on Colt Street, you’re dead.

@“meburningslime”, kinda aggressive to say “you’re dead”, but anyways…
Hopefully you can find this person, because I can tell that this situation is very strange and is causing several problems.

@GalaxianGames You don’t even know lol

Fyi I live on orchard rd ill sooooooo

Yet another account of @meburningslime saying he knows how to do something and reinforcing it by repeating himself, and sending yet another death threat to someone who inconvenienced him. ugh…


@browngr I’m half convinced it’s you.

I wouldn’t do that, because I’m humble enough to say I don’t know how to do something… I don’t know how to hack, @meburningslime

Also, so that I can actually contribute to this conversation, I feel like since the “null” is semi underlined and green at some points, it definitely feels like it would be a bug, because I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure hacking into an account doesn’t make the colour of their name go weird, since the colour is a part of the base website, not the individual profile ID. Unless you were planning on letting users have their own name colours, @grazer? Idk, just giving my input.