Number output not working correctly

For some reason, the Number behavior is outputting 1 instead of 3, why??? I have reloaded the page and deleted and readded the timer and number block, but for some reason, the output stays at 1.

EDIT: I have this code in another object and it seems to work fine, but it’s not working in Increase Number G1 for some reason


Just an observation here, you have the mailbox hooked to the set- and Mailboxes always output 1 in my experience.

Screenshot (4)

//Recreated for reference.

Mailboxes output the number that was put into it. You can also see the mailbox outputting 3 in the screenshot. The keyboard always outputs 1 unless it’s Activate On Any Key, then its output is text

I don’t understand how this game works to test it, is there a way you can test it on another level?


I made a third level, just click next to the red dot 4 times and that will activate the message

It shows that 1 and 3 are outputting in the router in the Red Computer.

Why is there an Always going into the 3 value?

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it was just to test something.

Well, if you remove the input for the 1 value, the 3 outputs correctly in the g1 object.
I would take another look at your router system in the Red Computer.

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kk ty, I should be able to figure it out now

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