Number Parameters?

I’ve checked the forums and this doesn’t appear anywhere. I’m trying to make it so that the player can use the shield and it goes down to 0. However, the shield can go below zero and that is bad because I’m making it so there is a shield boost.
In other words, Shield can go below zero and the boost won’t help them.

Use another filter for when its below 0;

I am such an idiot. Do you know why the players keep acting like there are blocks in places there aren’t on my new level?

The player seems to work fine on all the levels.
Could you explain what you mean and on what specific level?

On my Newest level, you might not have seen it depending on when you looked but its basically a big blank screen with almost but obviously not invisible blocks but then there actually are invisible blocks. For example, I make the Wizards fly around but they run into blocks, and when I check the don’t exist in the game world.
I could send you a video if I had your e-mail.

Hey @“Warren Lowery” try making a video with something like Loom ( ) and posting it here.

I reloaded and that seemed to fix It but I looked it up and on some other websites, people mentioned having the same problem though I can’t remember which website.

I’ve never had this problem and it could also be the game didn’t fully load (or had to be reloaded).

Though it seems in the video, this only happens after jumping on top of another object.
If this happens again, hit Ctrl + Shift + D and that will show all the hitboxes.

I would also suggest to make the green object not solid but with collisions.

That’s how I had the Spirit Originally but I’m going to add obstacles at some point and I don’t want it to be able to go through them.Which also means I have to find a new pathfinding system.

I have found that games break if you play them in the editor. Try playing them from the games list.