Object counter node

Id like a behavior that counts how many objects are currently in the game when triggered, and sends out a number when sending out a input.

It could be paired with a filter to allow a max amount of enemies on the screen, which would be useful for me… and would be a good way to avoid lag or unwanted amounts of enemies on the screen at once

Well that’s an interesting request, because ground tiles count as objects. I don’t know if this is based off of what I mentioned for that bug you had in starblast 3, but I can see why this would be easier than making a system where every spawn sends a message to the CPU and every destroy sends a message to the CPU for adding and subtracting the amount of total spawned objects on screen, and every movable object sends a message with a once. Not sure how it could be pulled off as a behavior, but I’m interested to see.

I wouldnt recommend setting it to count ground objects… lol

within this object counter, why not just embed a drop-down scrolling list of all object types from your object library? you could tick boxes to select specifically which ones to count, for example ignoring ground blocks, wall tiles, decorations, effects, etc.

Yeah- thats what I had in mind

That sounds much better, a checkbox scroll menu. I’d like it to display object name and object amount in a vertical resizable list on the GUI layer with alpha, so I can just alpha it in the debug menu.

It would be relatively easy for me as I am using an elaborate parent/child system, such as all the enemies in SB3 sharing the same death sequence, as the parent is the one with it.