Object for the Cursor

How do I make an object for the Cursor?
Flowlab Game Creator - Forest Quest

just make an object that turns the real mouse off and is always at the coordinates of the mouse

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I’ll try it! Hope it works!

Do I make it non-solid? Also it doesn’t work when I try to click on stuff.

Nevermind… It WORKS!

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thx can you mark my post as correct?

Lol, @Flying_Fajita is awesome.

Last time I tried to make the cursor object I made a point at and it bugged horribly so I just took it out.


I was using this, but for some reason if the camera moves, then the made up cursor doesn’t make up for this, and then there’s an offset for however much the camera moved. Not sure why this happens

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Is it on the interface layer?

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or probably use “game coordinates” instead of screen coordinates.
Screen coordinates are kinda useless, ngl
Never used it before


No, just; when I move the character and then move the mouse really fast the cursor object stays in one place and the point at points at the actual cursor.

Hmm, need to see the game for that
but the mouse should be turned off right?

Yes. If I did the thing I was talking about in my other post, then the object strays from the mouse.

I marked your post already as correct.