Objects move in sync

Game > http://flowlab.io/game/view/1155575

In the 4th world, the water blocks all have the same behaviors. But sometimes you can see them move slightly out of sync. Is there any way to fix this?

I hate it when that happens, which I have no idea why it does.

Now that I think about it that just happened to me and it sucks.

@“Biscuit Butter”,
Change the velocity with position in BOTH water and water top

@“JR 01” This mostly solves the issue. But there is a small gap between water and water top. Yes, I did change the behaviors for both.

@“Biscuit Butter” - it looks like they are still setting velocity when I check it.

Would making larger objects help? What if the objects were were like 320 pixels tall and 32 pixels wide? then if they don’t move exactly in sync it wouldn’t matter?

Alternatively, what about having the darker blue area just one object and scale it to the size you need - would that work?