Objects only "pushable" by one charactger

I’m a teacher and one of my students wanted to do a co-operative game where one player controls a red character and the other controls a blue character. The red character can push red blocks but the blue character should not be allowed to move it. The same situation should apply to blue blocks. Does anyone have any idea what the best way to go about doing that is?

Here is a link to the game in progress.


Well, first it needs to be set to multiplayer and this can be done using proximity, like when the red character is near the blue blocks, it disables itself, making it unable to be moved and vice versa for the blue character and red blocks

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Is it gonna be a local game or an online game?

The game game is local and is meant to be played on one keyboard.

Ok I’ll see if I can make something.

I will too, but I’m thinking of
1: the red player can’t move forward when the blue block is in front of it
2: the block’s physics is unenabled when the opposite player is in front of it, and it spawns a non movable block there, destroying the non movable block and turning on phsyics again when the player isn’t in front.
3: the block spams it’s own position when the other person is near
4: don’t make the block movable, just adjust the block’s position

I will test all of these out and find the best one!

Sorry it took a bit, I’m at school so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it.

… What is this example
The players jump to jesus and orange passes through orange blocks

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I think, it shows the implementations of this cause the orange block still jiggles

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I thought that the block would still be solid for both objects

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Oh didn’t make orange movable. I made it on my phone

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Should be fixed now.

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