Odd extractor behavior

I’m using the Gravity Well object from the Caverns of Delirium game by @grazer as a model for my Garden planet’s gravity. To do this I need to set up some extractors. The issue is when I select X from the extractor’s menu, and then click the radio button for ‘From selected object’, and finally select my ‘spaceship’ object and click ok nothing saves. When I go back into the extractor’s menu the radio button is back at ‘From current object’. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s my game: https://flowlab.io/game/view/592147

Video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwr0LyBgabM&feature=youtu.be

Sub issue: The ‘What’s this?’ button covers the ‘Select object’ drop down after you click the ‘From selected object’ radio button.

Remember, extractors are specific to one single object so you have to select the type AND the . And since that same object doesn’t reappear in other levels, extractors can’t either.

However, you could have the object being extracted from send the number to the object

Thank you, but I’m afraid it still doesn’t work. Each of my objects has a Type and Name. The extractor drop down you get when you hit the radio button for From Selected Object only lets you choose a single object and not by type or name. And then it doesn’t save what you choose. I remain confused.

Perhaps the issue with the ‘What’s this?’ button covering the ‘Select object’ drop down after you click the ‘From selected object’ radio button has something to do with what’s going on?

Hey @Melville - thanks for reporting this, the overlapping dropdowns have been fixed.

Awh yeah! Everything’s working and my planet has gravity haha.

Also, in the object library, setting parents is next to impossible because of the drop down goes off-screen