Officially an indie member

I am indeed a member. (It is on a different account.) I hope I do receive encouragement from you people for additional motivation. I do have a few proposals following my recent action;

Because my friend and I are the only ones who share the account (and eventually release it on the Apple marketplace), we may or may not need beta testers. If you wish to be a beta tester, do state so in the comments below. I will keep you in mind, but no guarantees that I will have the time to deploy a beta tester.

As for grazer and Mhx, I do hope I receive help along the way. I don’t want to have thrown away my $60, but knowing you guys, it will be worth it. (I am a very, very stingy person :/). And I really hope you guys won’t mind those extra extended questions I usually post in the forums lol.

In any case, do wish me luck, I am looking forward to using flowlab with maximum efficiency and tapping into my full potential.

Also, Mhx, any word on that pending support team you have considered formulating?

Oh, well grazer will have to make a specific group if he agrees, otherwise it is merely theoretical. It’s up to anyone whether they help or not.
That being said, we will all attempt to help as long as we aren’t doing all the work, because that would be doing it for you lol

Hey Muphins, thanks for signing up!