Ok so now im a teacher yea?

ok so im a teacher only for 7 days so can you guys help me i made my own team too so yea

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i like your a p p l e icon

to invite do this:

so you want to come? to my team

sure would love to help

did not invite me yet

ok i type your username and it didnt work

my username is 8-bit Forever (no underscore)

when there is a space in the game engine in ur username is becomes an underscore in the community

oh ok thx let me try again

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boom there

cool so now can you help?

now follow this screen shot to add the game to the team if u didnt:

yup you did do it

nice so can you help with parkour? im trying to get it to be multiplayer and can be on android

ok so the parkour?
And lemme add in a camera rq

i will make mobile controls

ok but what about the multiplayer thing?

idk how to do that I didn’t figure out so I call the men who are smarter than us:
@JR01 @grazer @hihilogic

oh ok do i add them to or no?