Ok we need to fix this.

For some stupid reason @Latif can’t read my messages. I want that fixed lol, I really admire him but can’t even speak to him. Please help
@“Mhx Ar”
@“JR 01”

Hey man, I’m pretty sure it’s just a joke on Latif’s part. I can’t really remember a way to block someone on FLowlab Forums, and the likelihood that it’s a bug is very slim. Then again it’s not nil so what do I know \(?)/

There are forum independant browser plugins available for all kind of blocking methods.
Could be, i dunno.
You ever peeved Latif off, @meburningslime ? Or any other slime maybe.

Yeah, I guess if slimeguy over here really angered or annoyed Latif he could’ve used a plugin

Let alone the fact that he’s pretty toxic and spams multiple conversations in a short amount of time a lot, which is why his profile pic always shows up on the forums at least twice. Wouldn’t blame Latif if he did block him.

LOL, maybe it’s a counter. You got more than x amount of profile picks in the forum list, you are filtered out, ROFL
Oh oh, some days I must hit that target, MUAHAHA

I haven’t been rude to Latif at all, and It’s not a prank on his part, he has screenshots. @“Mhx Ar”

Screenshots can be edited

@BitWit why would he go through do much work just to insult me?

@meburningslime - pranks are not insults, most people only play pranks on their friends.

@grazer why would he do this to me for three years though?! ;(

Since when has it been three years?

@browngr check"latif hello", I said that.