Okay grazer... you did it...

You fially did it. You made me get the EDU. I am getting it this week. Yes, I’m just blaming you because otherwise I might just jump off my roof with a money parachute that probably won’t work. But now you get my money parachute. Do I have any idea what I’m talking about? No.
I am buying this edu so all of my friends get free accounts via me. I do have one question, though. Yes, this post actually has a reason. Do my friends also get all the perks of inde accounts, and do they need emails as well, or do they just use my email and their login?

Hey @meburningslime - I’m actually working on some education account documentation, since there isn’t much available right now.

The basic idea is that you can create “classes”, and add “student” users. The student accounts have all the same upgrades & features as indie users, the only difference is that student games say “flowlab education edition” on the loading screen.

Ok @grazer thanks! Do they need their own emails?

No emails are needed - only a username and password. They can sign up using the regular login screen using the username and password you provide.

Thank you grazer!

Yes @meburningslime ! Spread the word!

I have 3 friends signes up, 4 more pending.

Hey @grazer my friends are having some trouble, it’s still asking for the email. What so they put there? A username?

They will sign in with the username/password you assign. The login says “email”, that’s true, but they will still use the username.

Thanks @grazer !

np :+1:

Spread the word