Okay grazer, you need to fix this

There is no solution, Flowlab was made for computer, most if not all programming software was or is meant for computer, not mobile, period. Mobile causes far too many problems, this topic shouldn’t have to be discussed further.

I am calm, I was just trying to make sure nothing escalates.

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Stop ranting on @superstargames he’s not in the wrong at ALL

I don’t want to be to religious especially to the atheists on here but like @grazer is not a god and umm like there is only one god and thats God himself bro :slight_smile:

Ok I’m sorry but i know what you mean just please don’t refer to him as a god

Okay, he is a very amazing man :slight_smile:

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This isn’t theology and it’s not even game theory. It’s a personal disagreement as well as a problem with flowlab

Ok sounds about right @grazer is a person we look up to because of his position and skill :BIGGER SMILE :smiley:

You all know that as soon as grazer sees this he will lock the discussion right?

Why would he do that I’m confused n thing is wrong here

He’s a type 9, he does not like arguments on the forum. As soon as Pixel Pizza or Tinker Smith comes back another confrontation will occur.

Can we just get this straight and blunt, Flowlab was not made for mobile and possibly never will be, if you have a problem with this go find some other programming software, or get a computer and keep using flowlab.

Choose option b please, flowlab is great

What do you mean by @grazers a type 9

I hope for a mobile flowlab in a few years, And @GrimProductionZ I mean the Eniagram.

Ok now I’m even more confused

Google it XD

I’m afraid to


It’s a personality type chart

@GrimProductionZ what about me? I don’t remember to agreeing to anything. Also that kinda sucks @meburningslime, is there a reason you can’t get on your computer and work on your games, or…

I’m also on an iPad with bluetooth keyboard and I don’t seem to be having any problems, is it the screen not configuring to the website and keeps making the screen too enlarged (this happens on my phone). I’m terribly sorry if you already said this but since you and @GrimProductionZ made like 30 messages in under 20 minutes I didn’t have the time to read over everything. I might need a recap and I might be able to help. (Not a computer wiz or anything, but I know minor knowledge)

You basically know everything lol, at least of what is useful XD
So I can’t because all of my family’s computers are being used whenever I can do FlowLab.

@meburningslime so your family only has a limited number of computers in which are in constant use when you want to work on flowlab? I think you might want to set up some sort of time system if you want to all share the computers, lol. That kinda sucks though cause you might need to save up for a laptop. (That’s what I did) and I can use it anytime I need to. Although if you are going through a state in which money is a problem or you have no source of income then I can’t really blame you cause I pretty much live off of allowance lol.

So what exactly happens when you try to work on stuff on the ipad, does the screen not fit the ipad (Like what I said earlier) or its just unable to load the game in or…