Okay grazer, you need to fix this

I have been trying and trying and TRYING to get on a computer to do flowlab, but I couldn’t. So I am on an ipad with a bluetooth keyboard, and I CANNOT TAP THINGS!!! I have LITERALLY been trying to tap this ONE LINE for FIFTEEN MINUTES! FIX THIS PLEASE! Have a cursor or something, maybe a mobile edition friendly version!! I NEED THIS FIXED

Coming off as a bit needlessly aggressive here, @meburningslime. Also; I’m on my computer right now; are you sure it’s Flowlab’s fault? Have you checked your internet connection and/or your computer’s lag rate?


Flowlab isn’t made for mobile. Period.
It’s your fault that you are not using a pc.

It’s like you jumped into a pool, and you got mad because you are wet.


LOL, @PixelPizza … to the point :slight_smile:


I am done. I hate this.

Litarly i agree with you @meburningslime when you want something fixed some idiot is like oh must be the fricken internet my gosh do you people know how to just stop being retarded why don’t you actually help him instead of basically insulting him and making him look dumb. So like maybe use your brain for once and help. @grazer @meburningslime would like some help with mobile and i do to cuz I’m in the same position also I’m using iPad with Bluetooth keyboard as well.

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Well like maybe it should be for mobile not every one has a 20,000 dollar pc bro

Ok, thanks. I was about to take some extreme measures cause I thought I was alone.

@ManiacPumpkin is also in this with us too.

Personally I just want the flowlab servers to be less laggy, I work on a slower computer so things slow down a lot. However this isn’t really their problem, things aren’t so easy to fix, and they can’t necessarily afford to upgrade their servers either

@browngr I don’t blame you, I am upset with the other two.

Well you see they kind of can bro cuz like I’m pretty sure @grazer has the money to do it

That’s what you meant right that @grazer can do it or the provider i dont realy know what you meant but OOOF

Well yes, but it takes time, and grazer may prefers to use the money on other more important things
EDIT: Time as well

@grazer is the best indie dev I’ve ever seen, with maybe one possible exception for Scott Cawthon. Don’t blame him. I calculated it out, he gets low income with how much money he gets.

Good point but i dont know what would be more important i guess the hurricane but other than that no i dont see it

From the way I read this discussion, nobody is trying to insult somebody. It’s just that someone is being extremely aggressive about a specific situation, and everyone else is just calling him out for being like this. The way @meburningslime asked for this bug fix is an example of this unnecessary aggression.
Also, Pixel Pizza did provide a bit of a solution here:

I personally believe that Flowlab should have mobile support, since I once tried to edit a game from my phone, and it wasn’t working out well. So I do agree that Flowlab should have mobile support, but I don’t think there were any insults being thrown at other people. Let’s not start fights here.

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Oh ok well he should actually create a really good game and post it on steam for money as well as advertising he could make more money and as well is update Flowlab.io more

Well, @grazer is what we can call a god, there are rules about divine intervention, he can’t fix everything himself

Oh heck I hope I didn’t insult anyone with this post

Bro would you calm down there is no fight starting or will and @PixelPizza point is kind of useless and is definitely not a solution