On mobile, connecting behavior blocks doesn’t work anymore

When I try to connect two behavior blocks on a mobile device, as soon as I tap on one of the blocks it tries to connect with a non-existing block offscreen, or invisible block onscreen. What should I do?

happens to me while im on phone maybe @grazer could fix this

Another image for offscreen:

yeah @grazer could definetly fix this.

Who is grazer u ask?

Grazer is who made flowlab.

It’s not a mobile bug, this happens on PC as well.
On PC, the behavior gets stuck to the mouse, and clicking will have a link going offscreen where there is no behavior.


yeah I’ve been getting this a lot it’s really annoying

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I have something related to this:
Sometimes, when clicking a block, it gets constantly attached to the mouse until I touch my screen (cuz my computer’s touchscreen), and when i try to attach the node to another block it sends the node outside the editor.

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A lot of people have been reporting this, sending me instructions, and even videos, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. I’ll try again tomorrow to see if I can get to the bottom of this.


Could it possibly be an internet issue? Like a spike causes graphic errors like this?
I know internet caused issues can be difficult to replicate since if you have decent WiFi it won’t bug out or very little compared to maybe someone else’s.
I know there are a lot of internet bugs, but most of which can’t really be helped.

Nah, my wifi’s spot on.
I think it just happens when you click the area between the node and the block, because it thinks you’re clicking both. This should (in theory) be a pretty easy fix :slight_smile: