One Day Challenge [Mine Sweeper]

I decided to do a one-day challenge, in which I have a single day to build any game and polish it. Well, I finished the game (sorta), but any polishing will be few and far between. Anyway, this is what I came up with:

Mine Sweeper Game

Check it out, and tell me what you think below!


I think it is pretty good! I don’t like how you have to click each tile individually instead of it clearing all adjacent empty tiles like it does in the original, but it is still good.

Coincidentally, last Thursday, I also decided to make my own Minesweeper, but I haven’t unlisted it yet because of a bug that made the mines get put in the same location. This created a weird dynamic where you would win the game even if you didn’t clear all of the tiles. I managed to fix that bug, so the game might be unlisted tomorrow (Sunday).


Unfortunately, I’m stuck on how to resolve this issue.

Also, that’s neat! I’m sure yours will be really good (probably better tbh).


Omg, we have needed an actual working minesweeper game on flowlab for so long! Too easy, tho. I’m an absolute god at minesweeper


I’ll make a difficulty system in the future! As of now, I have it set very easy for development reasons.


My Minesweeper has an Impossible mode. 500 out of 768 tiles contain mines. Which means you’re bound to accidentally click one on your first go. XD

If you still manage to beat that, then you are more than a Minesweeper God.