One last question about expressions

I want it so that if A is greater than B your character goes first in my turn-based combat game,does anyone no how to do this?


Do you have a switch or similar that can be triggered for each of those characters, @glithctyrus ?

It could look like this:

as in: IF A greater B output =1 , else output =0 (or whatever values are needed). It depends on how you select them, as mentioned. Advantage of using an expression is that you can evaluate it on demand and that you can trigger other values.

But if it is just a Yes/No, 1/0 scenario the normal Filter block should do.


@glithctyrus , use a filter instead. And if you need to change the value of say B, do this:
Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 8.52.46 PM

Hope I helped!

whats the value input do?


It changes the greater than number

so if I want ‘3 is greater than 4, the 3 is the input, the 4 is the value’

I don’t know if I explained that well, if you’re still confused, click here.


It changes the value of the number being compared. For example, if a filter behavior has the current setting “greater than 10”, and a 20 goes into the value input, then the new filter setting will be “greater than 20”.

And also @“RageDayz” posted minutes before me, but it’s the same answer.

thank you

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Not it’s not, you actually answered the question…


Thinking about it, you’re right.

hmm yes