One of Flowlabs first RPGs

Explore the world of Crimera, a world of peace, but recently. A lab experiment caused the protagonist (Sam) to gain a organism that resides in his body while sleeping, but it’s not a parasite, it is for mutual survival. One dies, the other dies. The organism amplifies the strength of the host.

But there was a very bad side effect, the creation of this organism causes extremely fierce monsters appear. Temples were made to imprison the strongest ones, but the builders didn’t know that monsters can summon other monsters. And anyone who went in never came back out.

This game will be posted soon

Well here is my try at one but I stopped because it got to laggy if this can help at all then great.

The game should now have a witch. She/he heals you if you are hurt. Find her tent in the overworld

I’m confused jngthree - whenever I try to play it, it says “Can’t sleep”, then “It’s raining”, then “The game isn’t out yet” and then it returns to the title screen

You will have to open the editor, this was to prevent people from my site playing it

Made the first jump onto platform. It lets you jump onto it from directly below, but you stay on top. So its one-way!



That platform is very, very cool! It works great, and I never would have thought of that - I’m super impressed by this one :slight_smile:

@grazer thanks.

Now (slightly) playable!

Thinking about some boss battle mechanics.

Maybe dodge the attacks, then send some attacks that they dodge

Working on the 1st boss and the first netherworld…

Note/Idea: @grazer needs to replace the parallax with a parallax X/ parallax Y.
That way i can exploit the loop background option.

The netherworld 1 isn’t done just yet. But you can expect something like this 430C9932-E18F-4720-B3E8-A5F339EA0D0C

@jngthree like how the combat is random, like how sometimes the enemy will miss, and other times they will damage you. I died right next to that witch in the dungeon lel xD R.I.P Sam

Made the dungeon have a 3D look… Like undertale

That’s a cool game…

Made it to where you randomly win, enemies have health now…

AND there is now a level system up until LV 3
Everytime you level up you deal more damage.