One pump not working?

For some reason, if more than one bullet hits an enemy it only counts as one bullet. How can I fix it? If you know a solution feel free to comment down below. If you need a link I will give you one I just want this game to be a surprise.

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If you want you could probably count all the bullets around the enemy and when there’s a collision output all the bullet objects nearby.

All the bullets hit the enemy but it only counts as one bullet.

Can you elaborate? Is this when they hit at the same time? I’ve had this problem before.

Yes, when it hits at the same time.

This barely ever comes up, but if it’s a td game i fixed it in one of my games by giving each tower a random delay before they start shooting.

Well, it’s a shotgun and I want it to one pump it also shows all the bullets hitting but does not kill an enemy.

Make it spread at an angle.

You can add a little bit of randomness to the angle and position and that should make the bullets hit on different frames

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Here’s a link.

Also, I tried it so it does it at different frames and it works but now it’s not a shotgun.

and thats what you call R A Y C A S T I N G kids