ONLY for people who really care for people games

Flowlab Game Creator - star and dave adventure i need help with this game tell me what i need for this game so i can make it and post it


why is that in the feature request catagory?

because i need help with my new game?
wow you really can see someting hun?

have any ideas for me?

sorry no not really but i mind being called ‘hun’ so please dont next time

oh no i was trying to say hu? but the n came in so yea sorry about that

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you might want to edit that then :slight_smile: i apologise for the off topic. I’ll be off now. :relieved:

sure… ok oh and one thing

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yes :slight_smile:

  • escape from snow
  • drawing star

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which one

I have some requests. Maybe, you could actually add some content so that we can extend on your idea??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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