"Only One Way" Huge Update

My Game just got a massive update on 2-19-19 and it includes a lot more items.
Update Content:
New Enemy (Fire Slime)
New Item (Map)
New Map (longer gameplay)
The Ending was also changed


You might want to change the description, it still says there is going to be an update on the 20th @SomeGuy542 . But still, GG!

Fixed it

I’d hate to be the one to say this, but I didn’t care for the look of this character as much @SomeGuy542 . I liked the boxy look of the first one, and matched a little more. The one now looks good, and possibly that all lacks is just some animation, for the movement with following the mouse doesn’t seem as smooth without animations. Just suggestions, but highly suggest. Thanks, and good luck!