Oops! (new game updates!)

Guys really sorry!! the new game SING WORLD cannot be released january :frowning: only in march!! the game will have some UPDATES! BUT!!! NOW ITS THE GOOD NEWS!!! THE TRAILER OF THE GAME IS… READY!!! Trailer Jogo SING WORLD - Feito em Flowlab! - YouTube (the title is in portugese but the trailer is english!!) MORE GOOD NEWS!! the sing world will be released in march beacuse… SING WORLD 2 will be RELEASED 2022!!! And if you want live a comment in the comment section!!! and subscribe and Like!! plss!


´tags´ @grazer @hihilogic

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why are you tagging grazer and hihilogic?

for i get more views ? why?

Wrong topic. Please post this in the The Glorious Off Topic Channel Of Destiny!

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you are saying this for me or for @lala_marmar ???

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