Optimization Request

This is an optimization request for @grazer:

What if you could shut off trigger blocks once they have been used? For instance, if I had a button press that only needed to be pressed once, and preceding button presses also used that button, wouldn’t it use unnecessary RAM?

What i am trying to get at is a way of removing or deactivating a trigger block from receiving inputs (or just outputting in the case of the Always function).

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Which could also work at a large scale if there was a bundle deactivation.


You can do both of your ideas with switches…

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Lol, so you want me to add a switch to all 312,500 something objects I have on my Terraria game? Lol, it’s an option, but realistically unless you rebundle every single block, this isn’t practical for moderate or larger games.

Why would anything but your player and key objects need it though, like why would your thousands of grass blocks need switches…

Because they normally have raycasts and the like for world-builders. Besides, I was talking about code blocks.

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Oh, well you can bundle stuff, but I get your point. But realistically if you added the switches in as you went along with the game development it wouldn’t take much extra time.

But, if you added it in after the game is released, I can see why it would take forever.

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