Option to remove the loading screen for subscription users (not the watermarked loading intro).

Hey @grazer,

Messaged you privately about this but I figured it would be more appropriate to post on the forum. So I feel like with indie users, the iFrame watermark is removed, the watermarked loading intro is removed, etc. this is more or less for commercial purposes, but one thing that retains on every persons game is the basic blue loading bar which isnt very commercially friendly as someone whos a paid indie subscriber.

So Im proposing that there should at least be a temporary box for subscription users that removes this loading bar and instead just replaces it with whatever background color that was chosen on the games first level and nothing else. I feel like in the future we should be able to make custom loading bars but thats asking for a lot at this moment and I feel like just replacing it with level ones plain background color is sufficient and more commercial friendly.

Right in the settings of the editor, just a little box to remove the loading screen. Then later down the road maybe it can be fully customized on the new theme settings section.

Just a small request, but it would go a long way for me. Thanks!

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I’ll bump this once then just leave it be.

Hey @Gavn - customized loading screens have been requested and discussed in the past lots of times, and I agree it’s a good idea. Don’t worry about bumping your requests, I get lots of requests every day, and sometimes some of them just fall through the cracks accidentally.

I’d like to avoid adding a temporary solution, only because then when it gets changed it will probably end up breaking anything using the temporary version.

The main thing holding back having a custom loading screen is just coming to a consensus about how that would/should work.

I envision that it would look something like this:

  1. There should be a way to assign an editable sprite as the loading screen background. Maybe this is just a “loading screen” sprite that is clickable in the editor somewhere that can be edited/uploaded using the sprite editor.

  2. There should be a way to change the look of the loading bar I think, and it’s not obvious how this would work. Maybe I could just alter the look and feel of the existing/default loading bar so that it is less obtrusive?

Anyway, anyone who has thoughts on this feel free to chime in :slight_smile:


@grazer Hm, changing the default bar would be a nice compromise in the meantime. Just how it is now with the tiled background and blue bar, it can really feel out of place for most games, especially those with a subscription to remove watermarks.

I’m not sure if something like this is possible, but maybe it should just be a small, plain loading bar, and that’s it. More specifically (again not sure how this works), but maybe have the background of that loading bar be transparent? This wouldn’t be particularly useful for games being played on FlowLab, but if a transparent iFrame were possible, this could be useful for embedding a FlowLab game into different sites and projects as it’s cleaner and less obstructive. Possible related link tagindex.net/html/frame/i_allowtransparency.html

I think having a custom loading screen could work like this
In every game, it will start with 2 levels
the classic “Level 1” Level & another one called “Loading Screen”
The Loading screen level automatically has the default loading screen on it, and has a special block, only to that screen called “Loading Percent”, you can use this to show in a bar or text and such how much loading is left to do
This level cannot be deleted and is always the last level in the list (so as to not interrupt the work), you could also make an option to hide it once you’re done with it

Hey @LevelGames1 - this is a pretty old topic here. I’d suggest making a new topic when it comes to these things instead using dead/very old ones, since it pushes down the more recent threads that are still alive/new. Don’t feel you’ve done something wrong, just be a little more aware next time:)

I would love to see this Grazer, hoping it in the near future!