Options menu help

im trying to make a main menu for my battle simulator and i want it to where when to heart is on options you press the ENTER key it goes to the options menu but i also want to where when the heart is on the start button you press ENTER to start the game

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Wait, what is the heart? Is it a cursor?

no press the down arrow Flowlab Game Creator - New Game

Code for the start button:

Code for the options object:

This works.

THANK YOU MAN my game is finished

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You should allow the player to use both arrows and WASD on both your menu and gameplay, currently your games uses arrows for the menu and WASD for gameplay, it can be confusing.

Also, the menu is a great start, but try crisping up those letters to make them easier to read…

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I agree. I just use mouse move over and out.

Mhm, there is an inconsistent font.

do y’all think I should make a game based off a book I made?


First, post the chapter 1. I would like to read the book before posting an answer. (So that makes 3 authors on Flolwab.)

sure do what yo gut tells yo to

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ok I’m gonna start working on it

Because I’m left handed and I use a laptop without a mouse, it’s hard for me to use WASD and cursor at the same time… so I like to use the below bundle that has both W and up arrow feeding to the “up” output, etc.


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I almost never go without a mouse.

thats sad…no worrys ill try to add arrows control to all of me games :blush: