Origin Point for Spawn Block

There needs to be a Spawn Origin system you pick your object if you want it to spawn not to far away, if you use the normal system for a far place form the object you could use the X Y like normal i would love to see this in flowlabScreenshot 2024-05-13 2.56.34 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-13 3.03.21 PM
you would see the object you are editing in there :0
Screenshot 2024-05-14 8.13.10 AM
would be where you pick the object that spawns there and like the attacher it would show the other object :slight_smile:


I don’t get what you mean. Just use the attach or the spawner? Or do you mean spawning close but no attached? There is a way to do this.

Spawn with origin is the same thing as emit.

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not really if you emit a player out with emit it does not keep the code
if you use spawn it does so its not, that is why i made this post emit is not working it does not save code also thank you for replying but i don’t know why it doesn’t let me if a player object is put in there it comes out but as a
nonmoving object to buttons don’t work im not sure why tho

Emitted objects do keep their code, could you post a link to the game and where you are having this issue?

NVM this is not worth it i was going to make a cool system but it doesn’t matter anymore thank you for your time i will just have to do something else :slight_smile: