password system

i want there to have a password that you have to get correct in order to move on. How do i do that?

would be complicated but still possible

can you show me thanks

my small brain cant but reproduce it but it very well is possible @“JR 01” @Superstargames


In my game Pixel Sports, one of the secrets is obtained using a password. Here is a screenshot of how the password logic works.
Flowlab Game Creator - Pixel Sports - Google Chrome 6_16_2020 7_57_54 PM_LI
I censored the numbers because I don’t want to give away the password.
Try following this example for your game.

Instead of using all the keyboards, just make some objects you can click that needs to be clicked in a specific order. Like numbers or shapes.

Unless you mean your trying to making cheat codes. Like the konami code.

How exactly are you wanting to make the password? and why?
And could you leave a link to the game?

actually I might make an admin system with this but then people could just open the editor and see it so grazer should probally ad a way to make bundles private so only team members and the creator can see

My “game” isn’t really a game. i am trying to make a working phone. So the password is a number combonation.

So the correct combination is top to bottom?

so instead of keyboard, i use mouse click?

how would i do it

and can the numbers be shown in the “password Bar”?

@“JR 01”

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Sorry, I can help after work…

ok thanks

i already can tell you what to do just ad a part were if a number object gets clicket the opropryit mesage is sent to a password block and then use a sistem were the rite number is stored in a filter soif it is eqol to that number the next filter is unlocked and the one you just used is filterd out if it is not it is a rong password antill you press reset but if you get the rite password you can change the password by changing the values so thats how you make a password and the values are stored in saves.