Pasting text from forum causes black outline

@grazer When I copy and paste something from the forums into google docs it has a black highlight around it that makes it hard to load in. I’m not sure if you can fix this, but if you can that would be very useful. I need to be able to copy large amounts of text for when people submit tracks for my game Flowlab Game Creator - Alpaca Raceway
(I am using dark mode, so I don’t know if the same thing happens in light mode, but with a white outline)

Text Highlighter? Also Idk if grazer can fix this. Probably a discourse problem


I’m pretty sure if you do Ctrl + Shift + V it copies the format of the document, try doing that

Edit: just checked, Ctrl + Shift + V works and it doesn’t copy the background

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You’ll see this when copying from sites onto google docs/word as well.
What happens is the bg of the text is set to match the color of the webpage (like dark mode on discourse).

The best way around this that I use is to Paste everything into Notepad and copy that to what you need.


I think @JR01’s idea should work.