Pause behaviour bug?

Basiccly the pause doesn’t pause…

Timers continue counting.
Emmitters continue emmiting.
Emmitter “expire time” continue
Music continues (? maybe it’s on porpouse)
Mouse clicks anywhere continues ( I think only normal clicks should continue)

  2. bug
  3. bug
  4. intentional, you can just stop the music with the stop input
  5. intentional, if you don’t want this, simply put a switch after the mouse click trigger and turn it off when you pause the game

Mouse clicks are intentional because you need a way to unpause - and this is usually with a button click. Emitters aren’t a trigger, so I’m not sure why they would pause - what is triggering your emitter that isn’t pausing? You’re correct that emitted objects still expire when paused- I should add some logic to compensate for that. Thanks for reporting it.

@grazer what about this suggestion?

  1. I would have to do that to every single timer in the game
  2. i would have to stop every single sound (shoots, special effects,music, voices)
  3. It’s the same that the above
    Yes i know it’s possible but it gives a lot more work.

The problem i have with clicks is:
The player still can shoot arrows. Because the player clicks anywhere and it emmits.
Normally to unpause the game. The player clicks in a specific spot not anywhere.

Is a repeating timer that triggers the Emmiter so If I pause the game for 5 minutes and comeback… it wil have 9999 enemies
Also happens in Starblast 3

Oh i have an idea! Maybe it’s too hard or complicated but…
What about a pause behaviour with checkboxes like:

  • Select All
  • Deselect all
  • Pause Timers
  • Disable Clicks anywhere
  • Disable Clicks
  • Pause sounds
  • Disable Keys (maybe we could add a unless for people who want to keep a specific key - i dont know)
    Or maybe a thing like: pause with: click or key.

Thats probably hard to do but it’s just an idea

it sounds like pausing timers is the biggest problem, that will (partially) solve the emitter issue as well. Clicks are a bit tricky.

Here’s another thought: What if a pause behavior just paused all other objects in the game? This way, you would create a dedicated object to handle pause/unpause, but behaviors in that object would continue to run (to handle unpausing). I’ll think about it a bit more, but it seems like that would solve many of the problems pretty tidily.

Yeah that seems a better idea. I would love that