Pause timer when game is paused

There should be a new boolean property in the timer whether the timer gets paused if the game pauses. If you pause the game in my game, the graveyard, the timers are still working, so when you continue playing the game it’s broken completely. Many people I shared the game with suggested a pause option :frowning:

I’ve mentioned it a few times myself. Technically you could have a message delay every timer when you pause and play when you unpause. It’s just a bit of extra work.

I dont consider this a bug. It would break many of my games if this was fixed

Not “fixed” but an optional on/off switch when clicked on.

Timer "Pause with game: on/off "
That way only certain timers are affected. Pausing also makes emitted objects move crazy or super fast from build up momentum or something. Sometimes they spawn dozens and you just get mobbed when you unpause, depending on the emitter functions.

Doesnt do that to me?

@CrimsonBlackGames This is a feature request, not a bug. Timers could be useful sometimes when the game is paused, but I don’t want that for my graveyard game.

Why dont you use messages to delay the timer?

Isn’t that a lot of work? :frowning: I’m pretty sure @grazer can easily add this feature.