Pausing when tabbing out

Can I make it so that when you tab out of the page the game pauses? If so how would I go about this?

Games do pause. Timers never pause.

ugh well is there a way I can make the timer pause?

Use a frame timer, I’ll send a screenshot. It accounts for lag more than a normal timer which can be good for more precise actions

I recently made this recently and I’ll probably use it in all my newer games.

heh heh thank you

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It’s weird whenever I see someone not using the Flowlab colors

Question, is the timer set number the same as the delay in the Timer block?

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you can also use this

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Yeah but it has a timer and I’m trying to avoid that so the game pauses

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it accounts for pauses, like the desc says

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Galactians bundle does account for lag. The timer set is the number of frames, normally a timer will always activate at the exact same time even if there is lag, but doing so can cause things to no longer line up, that’s why I like using the number of frames that past