Pendulum & Platform & Linkages

Got bored, little tinker for your next dungeon.

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Have Fun :slight_smile:
I hope someone has a good use for it.

seems my sight attacks can get more creative


oh my god

Hmmm, I just realize it can also connect to itself to create linkages.
… I smell Ragdolls?

Is a bit choppy though. Problem I’m having is that calculations that I would like to do in one hit are getting ‘integered’ (yeah, I invented a new word ). I wonder if @grazer will ever add floating point variables and expressions with more than 2 inputs :slight_smile:

OR a physics engine like this:

I’ve been wondering if that was possible in flowlab.

also is there a way to do this with proximity instead of extractors? i tried it but it wasn’t working.
(just the pendulum btw)

Hmmmm @F3Art
@“JR 01” 's Joint Boss is basically a ragdoll.
Joint Boss Test
A completely different approach taking use of collisions.

Not sure about using the proximity sensor, how do you imagine that could work?

This is great @TinkerSmith

If people would use this in multiple levels, I would recommend using Global Variables or messages, instead of extractors.

Good point @PixelPizza :slight_smile:
So far what I didn’t like about globals is that they ‘fire’ whenever you touch them.
I always have to add a buffer so that they wont trigger stuff that is not needed yet.
Would be nice if they had 2 outputs.
One ‘life’ if you actually need them to trigger something.
One ‘buffered’ to extract only on demand.

So do you think grazer could use that exact physics engine and put it in flowlab? Or would they have to write their own?

@TinkerSmith awesome discovery! I haven’t looked at the code yet, since I’m on mobile edition, but I have a use for it in my collaboration game Astro Clash. If you could develop this into moon lord based combat, I could use it for my game! If not, I’ll have a go at it when I can.

hey could this be used like a grappling hook to swing from places?
with modifications of course.


@F3Art more hmmmm…
Yeah, I can see that some of the routines could help with that.
I think the other sample I posted in your grappling gun thread a while ago, the one showing a stretchy vector:

Would be more suitable. That kinda could represent the target angle and the target strength to shoot the bullet/hook. Would also be useful for an Angry Birds clone actually.
Then you need to identify what has been hit, probably best from within the hook, that needs to check for a hit anyway.
Then you use that position and a custom movement to move the player towards the target. You already got the angle from the initial vector targeting.
There bundles like ‘Vector to XY’ might help to kick your player into the right direction. If one end of the vector stays connected to the player and the other to the target it will even look like a rope is stretched between them. That principle I used for the pendulum, the line you see is one of those vectors. It has no real function, it is just there for the visual. The pendulum would swing without it, so the platform.
If you would change the distance of the pendulum while it swings it would automatically adjust.

So in principle … I think between the Pendulum and the Vector demo you got all you need to make a grappling hook.

Just throwing my thoughts out there. Excessively as usual, sorry