Persecution Delayed: All behaviors deleted from an object.

On my sign, labeled directions, I had quite a bit of behaviors controlling many things in my game such as music and shops, as well as player location. I went in to edit some of those behaviors and poof, they’re all gone. I minimized the layout and moved the screen around and nothing. I played through the game and everything that which relied on the behaviors placed into the directions object do not work.

Did you try clearing your cache?

Might be affected by the recent DDoS attacks, and if so, your game may not have saved.

Arent there some build logs @grazer can load

Possibly. I know he can undelete some games, and transfer data, but I don’t know about undoing data loss.

If the data really is missing I can try to grab it from a backup, although there may be something else going on. I’ll investigate the problem - which object has missing behaviors? Also - try not to edit this game while I am investigating it, if you don’t mind - that will make it easier to track the problem down.

@grazer, sure. The object is labeled directions. It’s the sign with the arrow. The behaviors placed within the object currently are what I’ve added back to the object, trying to remember what was there to start, hopefully this hasn’t messed anything up.

@grazer, just wondering if it was ok to edit the game yet and if there was any progress in figuring out what happened?

Hey Leonknighte,

Really sorry, but I looked in the backups and they match what was is currently in the game. I am fairly certain that the issue was caused by the datacenter connectivity problems last week. If you were editing your game during that time, it is probable that the save was interrupted causing this failure.

You can feel free to edit the game again at this point.

@grazer, thanks! Well, at least I can improve it even more.

Figured I would mention it, since it’s bothering me, but your transition object doesn’t work right. While the idea of transitioning area to area is a great one, every so often, an off screen enemy hits me back below, or to the side of the transition object, and makes the screen go a direction I didn’t exit. Let’s say I’m going up, it scrolls up, an enemy hits me back, then the screen scrolls up again, or left, anywhere, and I’m stuck, because I can’t see where I’m at anymore, and have to restart the game.

A way to fix this, is to make a “forced direction swap”. Let’s say you touch the block, and you’re going left, the screen will pan left, great. Now make it so the object can’t go any direction, except right, because it has been determined as a left gate. If you make 2 objects, you can make a left/right gate, and an up/down gate, to prevent accidentally using it wrong. Once the initial direction is planted, you can only scroll the opposite direction, and when you touch it again, it swaps back, preventing any mess ups. That way, if you get hit behind it, it won’t double scroll, and will instead scroll back, so you can see.

@“Mhx Ar” , thanks for the tip. I was constrained to the object limit and could not create any additional objects so I had to get creative. However, since then I’ve decided to try this member account out and can add more objects and levels to the game. So, hopefully soon, I will be able to address that issue.