Persecution - How to get the Control inventory?(@leonknighte)

So you finished it? It still seems to disappear sometimes…

… and the flash light doesn’t come off when taken out of your inventory…

@Tommyx2x14, yeah, there’s still progress to be made, it will get done, hopefully within the week. Sorry, I’ve had work, school, and a bunch of other things on my plate, so I’ve been busy.

I may need to add this to Gravity

So sam can change shot types when he acquires a new shot type

@leonknighte Now it appears in the inventory but when i drag it it dissappears

@leonknighte the link is when I drag my object it disappears

Oh, you had both positions set to grid. Only the one grid attached to the (1,22) should be set to grid. The one behind the two switches, linked to the mouse movement, should be pixels. Also you need to connect the up output of the mouse click trigger to the 1 number logic. Screenshot (1)