Persecution - How to get the Control inventory?(@leonknighte)

Hey @leonknighte, can you show me how you did that inventory in Persecution that holds a potion? It is the item key.


Sorry it’s had taken some time for me to respond but it’s easy. First you need a menu, which is a basic GUI that has a key, when pressed, uses the toggle switch logic. The first output starts the equation to enlarge the GUI, and the second output has an equation to shrink the GUI. Then, you have 6 slots in that inventory. You need six filters, stating each item. Set the first to =1, the next one to =2, next, =3, so on and so forth. So when the GUI is enlarged It enables the left or right keys, necessary triggers, to add or subtract a numerical value to scroll through the inventory. My potion in persecution was set at 1, being my first item. Shrinking the GUI disables the scrolling and use of items. Here is an example that, hopefully, makes more sense.

Just press space to open/close the menu, use the left and right keys to scroll through items and Enter to select the item you want. I have it set to just make a different sound for each item selected.


seems complicated…
Can I email you my User and Password so that you can replicate it in my game?

I am trying to replicate it… hopefully it will work out.(I will let you know what happens)

Ok, @leonknighte , I want there to be a way for me to only be able to select an item in my inventory AFTER a specific objective happens(E.g buying a cloak or potion)
Can you help with that?

Ok, I got the inventory created, but the second item in my inventory is not activating, and is only activating the first item IS, so when I try to equip armor, I end up equiping a sword. Help?
here is the game


That is my religion yes

@Tommyx2x14 Finally. This took some time, but here is the rig I made for an inventory system where it doesn’t matter which item you pick up first. It’s a click and drag system, when you get an item, press enter to go to your inventory. Then click and drag the item to your characters face to equip it. If you let go of the item where it can’t do anything, it’ll reset to it’s default location. Here is the beta. So far, you can equip the flashlight, as well as use the red and blue potions.

And as for buying and item, it’ll work the same way as picking up items do. Just with a different trigger.

Also, here is a link to my game saving rig, featuring The Legend of Zelda. After you obtain the sword press the S key to attack. You can use this so you don’t have to attack with projectiles.

Wow, very nice job!

thanks, you have been a really big help so far…
just one question…
how about unequiping the flash light?

Whoa… You have to use a whole level for your inventory? thats nuts man

And i thought i was good

@Tommyx2x14 oh, forgot to add that, lol. I’ll add equipment to the inventory level. Then it’ll just be a drag back to the inventory slots.

@leonknighte thanks, I will probably use this in my game so thanks

@leonknighte I am not sure what the problem is but when I go into the inventory my item does not appear. the item is the coin. The link is
To go to inventory press “I”

@Jobikstein, you still have the position property set to pixels, change it to grid.