Perspective Proximity?

So if you look at my game, go to the Prox Test level, and you will see I’m making blocks look like they’re rotating, based on proximity. This animation gimmick will make the game seem 3D, and much bigger, but here’s where I’m stuck. Proximity doesn’t do what I need it to do. I need each individual block to activate, based on how close you are to it. If they don’t, it won’t give off that 3D look to it. Anyone have any ideas? If you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’m building a Smashio Melee Adventure engine, and need the 3D effects.

Open the Prox Test level.

im using kobo so cant watch for now… but by the looks of it it looks AMAZING

The video is of Smash Bros Melee. I want to recreate that 3D effect, in a 2D environment. I know I can do it, because all of the Smash Bros objects and characters are 2D in Flatworld levels, which means I don’t even need to make 3D models, if I can pull off a convincing parallax and rotation animations.

Wait… I get what your saying. You should use filters so when the ‘camera object’ is close enough, it goes to one animation frame. And when it gets closer, it changes frame.

Hey! You could do what scott cawthon did! Take models of the characters in certain poses, and take screenshots of them from all angles. And use said screenshots as sprites!

That’s just basic 3D rendering. They did it for Donkey Kong Country SNES.

Oh wow. Nevermind

Its kinda cool that they had 3D graphics back then. When actual 3D was just a glimmer in someones eye

Well yeah, haven’t you seen 80s Godzilla movies? Star Trek was also pretty old.

I think so. Thats way back

for cutscenes, I really like the ssbb Subspace Emissary… it’s great

Well I can’t do that in a 2D game, but I can do anime cutscenes, by syncing long animations with a voice clip mp3.


I wish we got that video node i requested

Most animations I make are under a minute, and over 500mb each. That’s a lot of loading, especially when Flowlab already streams the mp3s.

Idk how much depth you want it to this, I mean I was messing around and just created some other blocks with your effect and, well, all I got was just creating a new platform for every rotation animation. As the proximity is affecting all tiles at once, it will only affect those tiles. So I made more tiles, each with the rotation animations controlled by indivisual proximity triggers. So each platform was affected indivisually because they were all seperate objects. However this would be a lot for flowlab to handle and severly lags the game…

Still, this is a pretty cool idea and I will definitely look for some more convenient solutions!

What I want to do, is work on mostly left and right rotation, but if I can perfect it, I want above and below animations, as well. Maybe I can use an injected rot, instead of proximity, like I did with the red enemies in Vortex.