Physics based puzzle game

Sam has been captured!
His nebula (source of power) has been removed from him and has been put into a gun, causing him to loose his ability over fire and his ability to jump!

Use gravity manipulating blocks to solve puzzles, open doors, ect.

Use your newly acquired manipulator gun to help with puzzles, such as exploiting Newton’s 3rd law and fire a pulse downward to substitute your jumping.

Knowing that you could repeat firing at the ground to jump mid-air, the modified your manipulator so you can only do it once until ground-impact or entering a flight zone.

Find hidden lore and backstory!
Beware the lasers!
And solve puzzles to escape

Expect a link soon

@jngthree I think that is Newtons First Law Pal.

The first law is the law of inertia
The third law is every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Your manipulator gun has the ability to change the flow of gravity for a few objects
And in the first two puzzles, this is demonstrated.

Also, there will be a save system, allowing you to pick up where you left off
However, you wont be able to go back after you load a save, until grazer can make individual objects of a certain type able to save, so certain doors stay open

Okay! Part of the game is ready! Also… Autoscroll is off so it scrolls indefinitely

Its pretty sci-fi

Also thanks to @Eric_Matyas, every time you enter a puzzle. Music plays!
Im working on credits right now

It looks really interesting, but I can’t figure it out. I’m stuck in the first room and can’t see how to get out.

@grazer press A to shoot a bullet at the purple/grey block to change the flow of gravity on it, do that four times to land it on the button, then you can advance

Also @grazer you should see the second one

Ok, I get it now :slight_smile:

I got past level 1 & 2 now, working on 3

@grazer which one?

Between chambers it introduces new mechanics, such as hoverfields

Im trying to finish 4-B so i can work on 5