Pikmin throw and whistle

@Deadly_Smile we are gonna work on the new problems here


What do you want The Pikmin to throw?

no I mean the player throws the pikmin

Oh, ok. Describe how you want the player object to throw the Pikmin sprite.

like I want it to when you press e it throws the Pikmin selected and if a Pikmin is thrown at a enemy the Pikmin will attack the enemy

Ok, can you send the link to your game? Do you already have a pikmin storage system?

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What sort of system do you want for storing the pikmins?

what do you mean storing the pikmin?

@Deadly_Smile help me here

At school, I can’t help rn

dang it im at school too, we have a free day

@Deadly_Smile now can you help??!!

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i want the whistle to be around the mouse. @Deadly_Smile

Wait so if you whistle and they are nearby they will follow you?

no, no when you throw the pikmin you use the whistle to call them back to you.

i have to go now bye!

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Dude I’m at school every weekday from 7:06 AM to 2:40 PM EST so try to ask for help around that time.

I hate school so much

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Relatable. My school is ending in 3 minutes but homework exists too but I’ll make sure to get some time to help.