Pillow Fight battle Royale! (BETA)

Hello everyone on Flowlab!
Me and @Coofin have been working on a new multiplayer game. A pillow Fight battle Royale! We haven’t been working on it for very long.But it is functional and has a bunch of weapons, the basic pillow, the feather flinger, the nerf gun, and the toothpaste. It has a map, the house. And One game mode, Zone Wars. Be the first to 30 points to win! Knock out your opponents to a fight to 30 points! Have fun and report bugs. This game is also only fun if you play with others, so invite friends!


Did you get zone wars to work now? It wasn’t working when I last tested it?

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Do you have time to test it?

The game still has a few known bugs. Such as the zone counter glitching to show other players zone counters. I wanted to add customization, but decided otherwise. If there are any feature requests, I will be happy to put it on a list so me and Coofin can attempt it. Please report bugs and don’t get hit by a pillow.