Pilot(null) feedback

hey, this topic has devolved into nonsense, i can sense the beginning of the flowlab forums being taken over by memes and gradually becoming completely unusable


the Shrekinson squad needs to tone it down. i think the invasion really pushed flowlab off the edge


i’m honestly starting to contemplate switching engines now more then i ever have

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there’s always GameMaker or Scratch

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Why am i being associated with shrekinson

also some actual criticism on this game: the bg is cool, but maybe put more thought into what it’s depicting and where it takes place.

Additionally, the Walter White boss fight is my favorite in the game

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many references to all of you being friends

yea, i’m definitely leaving after i finish this game

ok, that’s true

I think this game is good. Genuinely good and very difficult. I am reminded of my favorite game with the intense difficulty. I wish you good luck with further development puginarug.

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very sad. hopefully i can afford a PC soon so we can still talk on discord

discord is also on mobile tho

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for real now? Bye, sorry its my fault.

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yeah i’m getting a phone for christmas

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nice, also YOU DON’T HAVE A PHONE!??!?!?!?!?!

yes, it’s just…

No, Don’t leave we need creatives games like yours :frowning:


If we continue down this path we are going nowhere, We have to stop now before it’s too late.

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stop making games?

Um…No just keep making games and also please don’t leave @puginarug give this community a second chance…Also we need to stop the negativity. That’s what I mean.


kid named finger: Pilot(null) is a good game waltuh, you should definitely play it.
waltuh: ok mike I will try it
kid named it:
kid named finger: I personally feel like this game could be improved by making the player have more tricks up their sleeve. Like more ways and options to defeat the bosses would be cool.

not even lying when i say how relatable this is

most people in this community seem to go out of their way to be annoying
which is why i don’t help many people anymore

at this point i just want a place for mature conversations where people help each other