Pilot(null) feedback

Hey, while the game isn’t currently done and doesn’t have sound, i want some feedback on my game! please say stuff other than “too cramped” or “too hard”


I like the challenge, its very difficult just like my favorite game

(also this is my new account, I lost my old one @Braden_S_2 because of negligence and forgetfulness)


how many accounts do you have


just 2 :)

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very empty, add particles and bgr details

some balance would be nice, some bosses are just patience tests, which is boring

i beat the first boss by holding shoot and left
no penalty for just holding down shoot
text looks bad
better warnings

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which bosses exactly? i can’t really do anything if i don’t know what to fix

how exactly does it look bad and what could be improved?

idk, guess i’ll add a complex ammo management system where you only have just enough ammo to kill the boss

that’s the first boss, also personally i think having ways to cheese bosses in games is actually a good thing as it encourages experimentation

yea, i’ll add that today

idk, personally i don’t like particles

it’s quite obvious if it’s a patient test or not
if it’s not, it will be a fast battle; otherwise, you’ll get one hit on it every 10-20 seconds

by using actual text
the current ‘font’ looks extremely bad

something simple like attack previews, explosions, smoke, and movement particles

thank you for being completely useless!

That’d require a good bit off effort to make the labels match up perfectly with the buttons, and personally i like the current text

there’s already explosions in the game

i have no idea what you mean

where could i put the smoke?

i’ll make this one, just gimme a second

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Finally, someone notices Galactican’s attitude! I though I was the only one.


instead of an exclamation mark when a strong attack is about to happen, show some lines displaying a preview of the attack, giving the player a more proper warning

*more modern. More modern games have this, old ones like Metal Gear solid use the exclamation mark. If you read the Official Metal Gear Rising Flowlab Thread, you’d know that puginarug is a Metal Gear fan, which explains why he made that reference in his game.

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bro i don’t have a dictionary on this guy
i guess you have a point but it’s better to just use more ‘modern’ functions such as attack previews. it would suck if a boss had 2 different attacks that used an ‘!’ and you had to guess which one it was going to be


Nice game, could use some more references to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul though.

if you go in the menu and select “challenge4” you’ll see something cool

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Thank you. I played against Heisenberg just now. But I think it would be beneficial to include more references to the Breaking Bad cinematic universe.




I like the inclusion of Walter White, also the first two bosses have a cool design


Thats kinda mean, I thought the community suppose to help each other, instead we say these stuff.


He was trying to help galactican [help puginarug] think but he phrased it wrong :skull:


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