Platformer Example: ColorLand

I’m not done making it yet, but this is an example of a platformer: Just added a few new levels! Try them out! I have almost finished the game!

The entire website is a platformer example :slight_smile:
Virtually every game is a platformer, besides there’s REAL examples made by grazer, AND his videos. Just say “try my game” next time

Hey W-man, you have a good start - thanks for posting it :slight_smile:

I love the music!

Thanks. I got them from soundcloud and added them to my website:


I admire the simplicity in the game, making it 25x easier to make more levels than in my games. The only concern for you is that last level could make someone die from a seizure, if not the title screen. Unless the music is copyrighted, I would suggest you only clean up whatever should be fixed, check your spelling, and then this could be a good short game :slight_smile:

Why can he fall over in the last level? It is possible. Maybe you can think of that Its not my game you know. :slight_smile:

I’m still working on the last level, and no, the music is not copyrighted. I made some of the music.