Play my new game, please.

Please play my new game and give me feedback, good or bad.

The link is here :


Also a new game,


By the way, I’m not those guys on Youtube, hence the name.

Is anyone going to ANsWeR!?

Ok, maybe I need to update it.

Okay so i decided to play this because its a cemi-3D game like Undertale. And this is awesome. You should go all out with this.

A few things I would do:
-Make character less stiff (Animations)
-Make combat easier
-Sound Effects/Music is needed

Most of this demo is great! please show me the final product.


First game was a little rough getting used to, but it seems pretty nice so far.

  • Controls were touchy. Sometimes I’d be going diagonally and I’d stop moving if I lifted one of the directional keys.
  • Hard to punch down/up; sometimes damage wasn’t output to the enemy.
  • Agree with @GrimstoneInc, need less stiff animations and sound.

I can definitely see the egg game on the app store one day with a little further development.

  • I was confused as to what the cushions were at first. Maybe a little animation to go with it when the egg falls on them?

I put in the correct code for the top-down movement, but it kept doing what you said, dapres87.

Good Job!!!