Play testers needed for Mine-Bert

Hello friends. Please come play test the Proof-of-Concept of my newest experiment: Mine-Bert (working title): The cross between Minecraft and Q*Bert that nobody asked for!

Controls: 7,9,1,3 for diagonal movement.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think. Place the zombies, skeletons and slimes in different places in the editor and watch out for falling sand. Hoping to add some goals/levels, and more blocks/enemies soon if people like what I’ve got so far. Open to suggestions and comments!

Thanks to @“JR 01” for getting me past some some programming that was giving me a headache!

  • Your stuck if you hit too many buttons at once
  • Its impossible to get the corners
  • I sometimes die next to (but not on) enemies
  • Enemies can be in the same spot
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Thanks @“JR 01”

The corners thing will get taken care of during the level design phase, but good to know and good to keep in mind. Haven’t quite gotten to fine-tunings the collisions and overlaps yet. I want to keep them (or at least the skeletons from jumping off the grid, the zombies can fall to their doom).

Not sure what to do about button mashing. Is there a different place I can put my switch in Steve to stop him from getting off track?

You could do a switch for the down and up outputs for the triggers,
like to what I did here:

Regarding that, I managed to block opposing movements in my routine
AND reduced the block count by 4 :slight_smile:

Hello, Im Grian can you teach me how to send my own games?


Hi Grian welcome to flowlab! Although I’m not entirely sure what you mean by sending games? You might have to clarify it a bit more.

As a new user I don’t really suspect you to know everything but I would strongly recommend making a separate discussion or post on a newer one. I don’t won’t to be the one to tell you this, but it does get really crowded when older discussions get revived and like I said I know your a new user so I can’t really accuse you for this but I would try not to make it a habit.

Also if you ever need anymore help just put @ and then my name and it should notify me and I’ll be there to help. Although I’ve only been on for two years and I’m still learning so don’t blame me if I don’t know something, plus there are tons of other users who would be glad to help.

Hi Grian @Grummian,
Flowlab is an online game creator that uses a cloud save system for making your games. To share your game, go to “My Games” and click “Copy Share URL”. This will copy the link that is used to play your game, so you just need to paste it to a text / email / post to your friends. Anyone with that link will be able to play your game.

If you have more questions or need some help, please create a new thread in the Forums and we will try to help you with what you need.

Well, it’s official. I’ve seen everything.

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I don’t think ManiacPumpkin or JR_01 realized who Grian is

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??? What the huh ???

I know who Grian is. Famous YouTube. Currently in hermicraft season 7. Idk if that’s the 100% real one cause why would someone as famous as him hop onto a small game dev community, but I guess it’s kinda cool, I guess.


Oh yeah, I’m familiar with Hermitcraft. I just figured there was probably another person named Grian that wasn’t the Minecraft you tuber. Haha

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