Play This Multi-player game with me please

Here is the link!!! -


im joining

same, click on the Testing room button.

cat stepped on my keyboard lol

K i am on the testing room.

it says 1 player for some reason
it also says server is closing

Thats incorrexct, i will fixe that at some point

were you attacked by giant-orange ships shooting white lasers?

Yeah ok, dont click the testing room

how do i move

W+what ever direction your mouse is pointing at/.

doesn’t work

Ok let me see if i can fix the move controls

I fixed it slighhtly, so pretty much whichever direction you face you can press w to move in that direction forward or s to move back word

Ok you can get back on.

im back on

yeah this game is too jank i can’t do this

ok, dont leave the area with the-mega-turret.

click on the “Testing room”

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k, i’m there